MD380Tools Firmware

    Original MD380Tools Firmware compiled from the Travis Goodspeed GitHub Repository
    For Tytera MD380/MD390 | Retevis RT3/RT8
    From Time to time, I will compile new versions from Travis GitHub, so look at the Date in Filename for the newest one. ;)
    Firmware based on 13.020 Stock Firmware, so the 1750 Hz Tone works (Needs CPEditor 1.32 or higher)

    NoGPS is for Radios without any GPS Function. GPS is for Radios with GPS Function.
    Old or New Vocoder isn't matter anymore at the Hacked Firmware
    The OLD Firmware is only compatibility and has not the full function.

    Actual Firmware has the new MD380Tools 2.0 Menu & SMS Functions from DL2MF
    DL2MF's Status Display is included now, Newer Firmware by DL2MF you can find in the DL2MF Fork Section

    !!! All 3 files are inside the Zip-File, including Update Tools for Windows & Python