OpenWebRx SDR

OpenwebRX 2m/70cm: On/Offline

When the WebSDR's is down, please try again later !

If you hear or see QRM, no worry, then there is a WSPR Transmission (or I'am TXing on SW)
My Shack is very small, and all my radios stand nearly Side-by-Side, so Transmissions on other Bands can cause harmonics and spurious emissions.
On Saturday and Sunday you can hear the Broadcast Messages of the DARC Districts Berlin/Brandenburg:
Saturday 18:00 CET & Sunday 10:00 CET
  • 145.600 Mhz - DB0SP
  • 439.425 Mhz - DB0SP
  • 439.275 Mhz - DB0BLO

The WebRX is running with the OpenwebRX Fork from Jakob, DD5JFK
This Fork can Decode FM,AM,SSB,DMR,YSF,DStar and different Digimodes like FT8/FT4, Wspr etc.

OpenwebRX 2m/70cm : 144-146 Mhz
  • Qth: Berlin/Lichtenrade - Germany
  • Loc: JO62QJ
  • Server: AMD-A8 Quad Core, 16 GB RAM with Debian Buster & OpenWebRX.
  • RX1: RTL-Stick with R820T Tuner
  • Profile: 2m | 144-146 Mhz
  • RX2: RTL-Stick with R820T2 Tuner
  • Profiles:
  • UHF | 438-440 | Repeater
  • UHF | 430-432
  • UHF | 432-434
  • UHF | 434-436
  • UHF | 436-438
  • Max. Users : 20

Start WebSDR 2m Link opens in a new Tab/Window.


You find more OpenWebRX SDR's on

Antenna is a Small Discone at the Attic with a 32dB Low Noise RX Amplifier.
The Antenna goes to a passive 4way Splitter, where the Port for the 2m & 70cm WebSDR is splitted by a Selfmade Diplexer.
The 2m WebSDR is filtered by a small 2m Bandpass.